I deliver quality to clients because I have an arsenal of skills that I have honed
and sharpened through professional experience, gobs and gobs of professional experience. I have traditional ad agency art/creative director training and the ability to lead a white-board brainstorm as well
as the non-traditional creative and production expertise to follow through on the project as boots on the ground from the first day of pre-production to final delivery.

I don’t fit into a silo.

With 17 years under my belt working
at ad agencies, as a photo journalist, as a commercial photographer and as a small business owner, I bring nothing short of a 360 view on creative visual content;
from designing packaging and creating a style guide for uni-ball pens, to battling 80mph crosswinds to get the right shot
with two automobiles under failing Iceland sunlight, to directing, producing,
filming, and editing a 20 minute documentary for Red Kap Clothing with less than 2 weeks to premier the film in front of more than 300 people.

I deliver quality because:
I don’t bog myself down.
I am malleable, nimble, AND humble.
I can solve problems.

I deliver quality because I give a shit.